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The Party Wall etc. Act 1996

CHIPS Surveyors are qualified Party Wall Surveyors in Chichester, Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, London and surrounding areas, and are members of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors.

It’s a legal requirement that if you are planning to carry out works such as building an extension, converting a loft, or carrying out structural alterations, and that they are covered by the Party Wall Act, then you must give adjoining owners notice of your intentions.

In many cases your neighbours won’t object to the works and no Party Wall Award will be necessary.

The object of the Act is to ensure that work can go ahead, and it helps both builders and their neighbours avoid unnecessary legal disputes. After all, you have to live beside your neighbours, so it’s important that you don’t fall out with them.

An essential part of the process is a survey inspection of the neighbouring property prior to the commencement of works to prepare a Schedule of Condition. This can avoid unreasonable or unfounded claims that your work has caused damage to your neighbours’ property.

The Party Wall process can be confusing and complicated, so my job is to explain it to you clearly so that you can understand the benefits and implications.

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Party Wall

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