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What type of survey should I get?

A recent survey suggested that more than half of all homebuyers questioned, who found that their new home needed major work said the issues were serious enough that it would have influenced their purchase decision had they had a comprehensive survey and known of the problems before they bought. So, getting a survey is important. […]

Concerned about asbestos?

It’s not unusual for survey reports to contain seemingly dire warnings about asbestos in the property you are hoping to buy. Should you be concerned? What you need to do about it? Between about the 1950’s and 1980’s asbestos was commonly used as a building material because of its fire resistant qualities which made it, […]

Why bother with a survey?

When buying a house money is almost always in short supply and difficult decisions have to be taken about how to prioritise expenditure. And the first question many people ask themselves is whether or not they should bother having a survey, particularly if the house is quite modern. After all, the mortgage company will be […]